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4 Ways Oral Health Effects Your Overall Health

Posted in Dental Facts, Dental Health

Having a healthy mouth and a clean smile is clearly important for your oral hygiene, but would it surprise  you to know that your oral health effects other parts of your body?  In fact having a healthy oral...

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Brighten Your Smile This Graduation Season!

Posted in Dental Health, Dentist, Promotions, Teeth Whitening

50% off of in house whitening (regular price $500 ) after the patient has been seen by the doctor. Patient needs to be cleared and free of needing any treatment in order to qualify. Also get your exam, xrays and...

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Periodontal Maintenance

Posted in Dental Care Tips, Dental Facts, Dental Health, Dentist, Periodontal Maintenance

The health of your bones and gums will be heavily reliant on periodic three...

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Half Off In House Whitening!

Posted in Promotions, Teeth Whitening

Get Half Off when you come in for an In House Whitening for January and...

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The Importance of Regular Dental Visits

Posted in Dental Care Tips, Dental Facts, Dental Health, Dentist, Health Tips

You probably already know how important regular dental visits are for keeping...

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Dentures & Bridges in El Paso

We understand you want to look your best in front of your family and friends. Our professional dentists can help you feel confident again with a new smile!

Cosmetic Dentistry

You want a great smile. We get it! We can help straighten, whiten and brighten your smile. Helping you feel comfortable with your smile is our number one priority.

Emergency Dentistry

In the unfortunate event you need an emergency dentist, call us and we'll help as soon as possible. We understand dental pain is not something you want to live with.