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For anyone who doesn’t know exactly what dentures are–Dentures are a removal plate which serves as a platform where we can attach artificial teeth. The applications for dentures use are widespread. For anyone who has missing teeth because of an accident or for the elderly, dentures can serve as a very good alternative to permanent teeth when permanent teeth are either removed or become no longer functional.  Dentures function just like real teeth and they allow you go about your life–after all there are a lot of things that we would all be rather doing in El Paso than worrying about missing teeth!

Dentures Serve Two Purposes

Dentures serve both aesthetic and utility purposes. They look great and they allow you to enjoy all your favorite foods.  If you would like to find out more, including pricing and time frame, please give us a call and let our friendly staff assist you. Our dental office in El Paso is ready to help. Call today 915.566.3927!