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Tooth Fillings

A lead cavity filling on one molar in a set of false human teeth set in gums with on an isolated background

Tooth fillings are a procedure by which we can repair a tooth that has a decayed or damaged part. By removing the decayed, cracked, or otherwise damaged portion we can then fill the material with an aesthetically matching material, and your tooth is as good as new.

The best type of filling is colored and matching the natural color of the tooth. These are called composites, and not only do they blend in beautifully with the natural tooth, but they restore the original shape of the tooth and reinforce the strength and structure.

The procedure for placing the old metal fillings required dentist to remove a lot of the natural tooth structure, removing more than just the decay, and even removing healthy tooth. Because of the way they were placed, they actually weakened the structure of the tooth over time. Early signs of metal filling failure include fractures in the tooth, leaking around the filling, chipping, and breakage.